Pet Adoption UI/UX Case Study

The apps makes it simple for people to adopt pets and meet their requirements.

Design Brief

Peters is a business that deals with pet stores. They want to create an app that will make it easier for their clients to adopt pets and find pet supplies. They want the app to be more playful while yet remaining modern and informal


  • Splash Screen
  • Login
  • Hompage
  • Toko
  • Daftar Hewan

I chose yellow as the base color for Peters’ company because yellow is associated with warmth and pleasure in color psychology.

SiteMap Peters

So that I don’t be confused throughout the design process, I define the Section that will be applied to Peters on the SiteMap.

SiteMap Peters

Design Lo-fi

Following the creation of the SiteMap, the next step is to create a sketch for the Hi-Fi design reference. The goal is to limit the number of revisions made during the Hi-Fi design process.

sketch peters

Design Hi-fi

The main page displays all of the information in accordance with the brief, making it easier for users to adopt and care for their pets.

design homepage


When changes in components with a lot of similarities happen we can to be update quickly, this component very makes it easier.

Component Peters

In conclusion, this application can assist animal enthusiasts in quickly adopting animals, as well as providing counseling with veterinarians and pet needs.




UI/UX Designer

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Muhammad ridwan aam

Muhammad ridwan aam

UI/UX Designer

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