Finding Happiness in daily life is a basis of positive thinking.

Before joining Amal I often thought that how people are so positive in their life, although many of them were facing challenges but they accepted these challenges and succeeded in life. Because of lacking in positivity, I sometime felt disappointment, lack of determination and rude behavior. Amal is best happened to me in my life. Best way to say gratitude to Amal team is practicing principles and things which they have taught us. Amal taught me to find happiness in little things. In this way I can be more positive. So I started finding happiness in daily activities and find that I have so many things to celebrate that I should be grateful to God. Yesterday I was counting that how many things I have done in last 24 hours. I counted 25 things which give me happiness. Finding happiness gives you motivation and satisfaction as well.

I suggest that whenever you are facing difficulties, take a break and remember good things which you have done in past few hours, or things which you liked to do in past few hours like listening favorite song, meeting best friend, eating healthy food, enjoying good health etc. By doing this your energy level will increase and will feel more determination in life. In this way you can be positive during failures and will learn from failures.

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