My Failure Story

Engro is one of the dream companies of professionals of every field and especially for engineers. I was too, aspirer of getting an internship in Engro Fert. in 3rd year of my mechanical engineering. Engro usually have a campus to campus recruitment drive system. So, in the start of 2016, they came to UET for the recruitment of GTE’s and Interns. The selection criteria is; they conduct interviews followed by the test. The test is valid for two years, means the students (who have cleared the test) can still have another chance to appear in interviews next year for GTE’s positions. So, I cleared the test for an internship and was called for an interview. I was certain of getting an internship there. My confidence was at its peak at that time. But, who knew, what could happened next? Here I tell you, that it was all my first experience of having an interview with HR’s. Now, when I entered into the room, I started feeling nervous, even I wasn’t able to utter words properly. My confidence started to shatter from the very beginning. I completely lost myself even I didn’t know, what point I was making there. So, my this practice leads me to the rejection and ended up losing this opportunity. So, by that time I made a goal of getting breakthroughs in interviews.

This is the drawback of studying in govt. Universities as they don’t focus on enhancing the soft skills of the students. That’s why most of government university students lack in communication and personality grooming skills and it costs them to get a good job. Now, the students are well aware of this issue; they themselves should start working on it.

I took initiatives in order to overcome my these shortcomings. I started watching different videos on youtube regarding this. I met people around me and discuss this with them. This activity shifts my personality from being an introvert to an extrovert. I used to listen different motivational speakers; that boasted my level of motivation and intact me to stick to my goal.

The whole experience was great as I came to know: the required skills that an employer is looking for, the minor mistakes we make in interviews and how effectively we can know ‘ourselves’. Lastly, I would recommend students that before appearing for an interview, they must prepare themselves and have a small mock interview session with their friend as this will let them know where they are lacking.

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