“ Out door Life, closest to nature”

The part of life in which we decide to move outside the daily routines , simply gives the re freshness to our mind. It looks like we are coming back to our real life, as we just stuck in our daily routine life. but the happiness is the most beautiful part of out door day.

During the Amal Session , we decided to move to Islamabad. first we went to Loke virsa , that was awesome place, where we enjoyed a lot. firstly we took picture in the loke virsa, while some of the fellows were busy in buying tickets.

That was great architect piece of door, then we entered in the loke virsa hall. it was great , harapa and moenjodaro that was just great piece of art and then many old stories statues were also there like Heer Ranjha, Sasi Punno and some more, the some cultures of different countries were also represented there.

And after that we have our lunch at the Savior hotel . and we ate just little. then we moved to Rawal dam and that was wonderful . We also enjoyed boating there, and have fun on the corner of the Rawal dam.

At the end we also played football there and enjoyed a lot there,And on returning to home we also sung many songs and that was the wonderful and amazing moments for my life. All the fellows were so cooperative and we had much fun during the whole trip .On returning to home we also had dinner near Lahore . The meal was very delicious and tasty .

This group Photo will be remembered always as happiest moment of life.