Beginning of my never ending stories


Let me begin by saying that this is my very first Medium post. So yeah, I am welcoming myself on Medium. It’s going to be one hell of a ride(probably)!

As in regards with the challenge that i accepted earlier this is my very first story on medium. Let me tell you about the challenge that a close friend of mine challenged me to write a story everyday for 100 days. Isn’t it excited to be challenged by someone(seriously). So here we go!

Today i will write about Anxiety.

Anxiety is gained after time, built up on a fear of something that may happen, and consists of bad thoughts.

Here a quote for things to kept going.

“Tomorrow and plans for tomorrow can have no significance at all unless you are in full contact with the reality of the present, since it is in the present and only in the present that you live.” — Alan Watts

Anxiety is normal. It can affects us all at different times. Anxiety isn’t something that goes off, its something you learn to control. Believe me you don’t want to feel whats its like to have a ton of anxiety. You feel like you are about to die but in reality you won’t. Its like one time you feel happy and the next time you feel worse.Its not something you will die from. You have to control it or it will get worse because everytime you feel anxious, you will worry more and the more you worry about anxiety the more you will have anxiety.

Believe me you have to take things in your hands rather then just giving up.Keep this in mind NEVER LOSE HOPE! OK Lets have a conversation.

Why is it that some people heal their anxiety and some don’t?

Is it because of their race? Or their geographic location? Maybe it’s because they make more money?

A big NO!

In my opinion The ability to not be the victim of their situation and the difference comes down to their ability to ignore the standard prescriptions.They belief that its not the medicine that will help them but they will help themselves in conquering their anxiety.

Every lesson may not be for you, but I hope that you will find some more healing from this piece.

Steps to recovery:

While these steps are simple, they do take persistence and patience (with yourself) — your system has become conditioned to react in this sensitized, anxious way, and it takes time, understanding and persistence to reverse the process. In fact, allowing time for full recovery and not getting impatient with yourself is Dr Weekes’ 4th step in recovery.

Here are Dr Weekes’ 4 steps to overcoming anxiety:

  • FACING the things you fear (instead of avoiding) — but in the right way, with appropriate help. (Fighting the fear, says Dr Weekes, will only add to your exhaustion and make the problem worse, by triggering more adrenalin.)
  • ACCEPTING the symptoms, the fear, the situation. This will begin to reduce the triggering of adrenalin.
  • FLOATING above or through the fear — not resisting or fighting.
  • LETTING TIME PASS — allowing time for full recovery, because full recovery depends on repeated experiences of being in the situations you fear, and learning that you are ok, you can cope.

Now, you might be tempted to dismiss this as too simple, or something you have heard before. But Dr Weekes explains each of these steps in a way that you can put into practice. This really is a self-help book — you can do it all yourself (though good support will make it easier). This summary can give you a brief overview — but it isn’t a substitute for reading the book and working through the steps yourself.

Understanding that this illness is all about the sympathetic nervous system being out of balance and fueled by thinking patterns that are destructive was huge for me. To learn to let a thought float, to accept it, and pass through it, no matter how uncomfortable it was was pure poetry to understand.

Till next time.