From the past two year I was thinking about to do welfare work for the downtrodden and for widows. Their financial condition and social status made me melancholic and apathy of authorities made me pathetic. So, I was thinking about to make an organization for the poor and students. I was afraid of criticism from the society but now I have encouraged myself to take an initiative to from an organization from Edhi sb principal “Take a small initiative and Thing big”. When Edhi sb decided to sell pencil and match box in the street and dreamt to make a hospital for the poor and he stated that start small, think big, start from the lowest point, think without limitation and never pay attention to chastise of others and his task to distribute the money in brown packet on Eid, inspired me so much. So, I took an initiative from the lowest level and acceded my 2 friends on my point of view of organization making (WEMo Foundation). This organization will serve the downtrodden and needy especially on Eid and also guide the students about their carrier selection.

My just start project is to make an organization WEMo Foundation which encompasses the 3 aspects of society. Welfare, Education and Moral values improvement in society; Welfare: In this faction we will make collection from the members (Friends based) on monthly basis and will serve these funds on downtrodden specifically on widows. Every member is liable to provide the data of his vicinity comprises on poor and widows then we will compensate them by providing the clothing to their children, on specific events such as Eid. In this way they can be jubilant and make their event memorable. Education: Education is something that can help you to conquer the world. Now a day everybody is gaining education and literacy rate has been increasing but in my constituency there is a lack of awareness about the carrier selection and field of interest. So we will provide the students every essential information about universities admission as well as with better guidance. We also provide them financial assistant in term of bags and stationary. Moral values: In the field of moral values Pakistanis are lagging far behind from the world especially in towns and small cities; they have lack of vision and discretion. In this section we will organize the motivational seminars and will invite the students and simpletons. In this way we might be able to change the thinking of people. I want to serve the nation through this. I confront heavy criticism and mocking behavior. Funding was also major issue in this regard.

It was a great experience my friends appreciated me a lot. Their response was amazing and vowed that they will extend their full cooperation with me. I faced heavy criticism and funding issue and also confront the non-serious behavior of people but all these thing have taught me great lessons; such as just start your project, start from the lowest point and never pay attention to that thing which delude you from your target. It you are working with honesty and diligence then God will create convenience for you. Never give up just do something which you really want. After making this I will enlarge my organization and try to cover the more area. At the end I have aimed to make an industry whose profit (70%) will remain only for downtrodden, needy and widows.

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