Chapter that ended in 110 days

Dear Ex,

I could have write a whole book on you but I think you don’t have time to read that, so this letter is enough to express my emotions.
The very next day we split the 1st thing that came into my was, that In the end all these 110 days were useless because we are not together anymore, 
while this thing was all over my mind I can across of a quote that says:
“The day on which you are without passionate love is the most wasted day of your life” ~ Rumi.
This was the quote what lifted me up and after this I can proudly say that all these 110 days I was in passionate love with you! Yes I was.
Going futher i would like to tell you I still remember that night when we talked to each other for the first time, when i heard your voice and it was the most beautiful one. Would also like to mention that we only had 2 dates but the 2nd one was the most beautiful and relaxing. You were looking the most beautiful women i ever saw and on that day i can watch you for hours and hours, You were the most perisious thing i ever had.
In the end I just would like to say that, 
I still miss the most, I still love you and we don’t talk anymore doesn’t mean that I no longer care but the truth is i still do,
I do my best to check on up on you to see how are you doing also constantly check when you are last seen on whatsapp.
People says that every thing change after a breakup but baby I am the same, I am still here and will be here for you don’t ever hesitate to talk to me, because half the time I wish I was talking to you and the other half think what are you doing right now,
I miss your presence,
I miss you .

Always yours,