Name of the interviewee: Sidra Saleem

Abdul Haque Academy

Q1:- What are the major things that motivate you to become an entrepreneur?

I am working in the teaching field for 03 years. The best thing I learned is to have a supportive management and you have the ability for personal development that is very rare. After realizing what the person can do, the person must go for it regardless of the result.

Q2:- What was your mission in the beginning?

The mission was to provide the quality education for the children whose parents cannot afford the school fee of a private school. And Alhamdulillah I achieve my mission.

Q3: — What value do you give to your students and teachers?

In my school the school fee for the students is as low as Rs 300/- to Rs 500/- per month. Whereas all the teachers in my school, are the female of the local area.

Q4: — Can you share any bad experience?

Yes, 05 teachers left the job at same time. This was an alarming situation for me but I manage to bring 5 teachers to teach primary class and promotes primary teacher to the secondary class.

Q5: — What do you advice to new entrepreneur?

My advice to them is to work hard. There will be failures in the beginning but don’t give up.

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