Exercises to Help Gain Weight

Weigh Gain

Usually we see people finding out about the ways to lose weight but today we will be discussing about gaining weight. Unless you are eating right, exercising alone will not be able to get you to your optimum fitness and weight. To gain weight, you will need lots of protein in your daily diet. As such, it is a waste of time to exercise a lot in hopes of trying to gain weight if you don’t have your nutrition squared away. So the first step is to read the first part of this weight gain guide and start applying it.

In this part we will look at the best exercises to help you gain more weight quickly and efficiently. Exercise is a crucial part of making use of the nutrition you’re giving your body. Think of your body like a machine. It needs fuel, and good fuel will help it run better, while bad fuel might make it run, but in the long run will clog is up, and take it away from its optimum best. At the same time, if the machine is never used, it will rust away and not be worth much even if there is any furl in it. That’s the exact principle applied here.

You need fuel in form of good nutrition to help you gain weight and get you going at your best, but at the same time, you need to exercise to make sure that the body doesn’t rust and again falter from it’s best. So what kind of exercises will help you gain the most weight? Here are the best weight gain exercises:

Concept — What you’re trying to do is target as many muscle groups as possible. The weight that you gain is directly related to the amount of muscle you build, which is related to amount of testosterone your body produces during the workout. So your aim is to produce higher amount of testosterone during your work out if you want to gain more muscle. This is achieved through stimulation of more than one muscle group during the work out. So all you have to is focus on the compound muscle group exercises and if your nutrition is doing well, you’ll be able to gain weight in no time. So what are the best compound muscle exercises?

Bench Press — Bench press targets your chest (inner and outer), your shoulders, your triceps and your forearms to a lesser extent. As such, this is one of the best exercises and should be the staple of your workout. Your chest itself is a combination of many muscle groups, which contains one of the largest ones in the body. This is one of the best exercises to go with if you want to gain weight. For even better results in your endaevors to gain weight, perform some modifications of bench press, such as the incline bench press and you’ll not be worried about how to gain weight for long. One of the best things to do to really boost your efforts and quickly gain weight is to go to fatigue each time in every set. Don’t settle for a random number.

Squats — Targeting your calves, quadriceps, and parts of the back, this is another great exercise. The muscles in the legs are some of the largest muscles, so even though the total number of muscles in the legs in not as high as some other zones, the gains that you will see in your weight will easily rival any other exercise. If you’re really serious about wanting to gain weight, this will quickly become one of your favorite exercises.

Dead-lifts — Dead-lifts require a good understanding of the proper form and you might need someone to help you with the posture in the beginning, but once you have it down, your weight gain results will start shooting up in a hurry. Dead-lifts involve lifting heavy weights using primarily your back, arms and a bit of leg strength. The form of dead-lifts is hard to maintain — you are to move slowly and avoid all locking positions, so your posterior sticks out a bit when you are doing dead-lifts. If not done properly, dead-lifts can lead to back pains, so don’t do it unless you’re sure of yourself, and always use light weights till you understand how to do them completely. This is another gret way to gain weight quickly.

In the next part we will look at resting, more of nutrition and details on what kind of workout you should adopt to gain weight.