WHO AM I ???

“What I will be ” was my foremost concern. It kept me from concentrating seriously on anything else.I would escape myself to the bathroom to be by myself and day dream of the future in peace. [A mirror to the Blind, chap 2 ; page # 33 ]

Man has always been exploring who am i ? why am i here ? what is the purpose of my life ? what i will be ?

These are the questions that came into my mind everyday and ask me to find the answer. You can not explore the secrets of this world unless you explore yourself . So , this is the first step to understand Khudi.

1st STEP

So I decided to take the first step, yes i.e to Explore Myself ! and to be honest to myself that Who am I ? and what I have to do ? why am I here ? what is my passion ? what is my field ? what is my career ? and where I have to go ?

The challenges that I’ve faced in the past were I was being lazy . I was not spending time to explore myself . I was not aware of the hidden potential inside me etc…


The task has not completed yet as it is not too easy to find yourself . I’m working on it day by day taking personality test , Reading about my personality , asking friends and relatives for the feedback about me reading different personalities and their lives and I hope so that one day I’ll come to know that where I should move and I’ll take the Final decision for the journey of my life and that will be the Luckiest day of my life …

Thank you 100 much :)