Time Management And Productivity

The pomodoro is a time management method to do a difficult task in which one uses timer to break down his work into intervals. This timer is often 25 minutes. After one interval (25 minutes) there is a short time break to be little relaxed. Then he go back to his work until bell rings again. He will repeat this for 4 times. After four times he will take a long break (15–30) minutes to get relaxed.

This method play an important role to get things done. If one wants to increase his productivity, he can use this technique. I also applied this method of time management in completing my power system analysis assignment. This assignment was consist of 15 long question. As we know Mathis a time consuming subject so one question required 20–30 minutes. So I decided that after completing one question, I will get relaxed, and I can use social media during this short break to refresh my mind. After completing 4 question I take 20 minutes long break. And I slept after solving eight question for 3 hours. After waking up I came back to my work and complete remaining questions with same technique.In this way I completed my assignment within a day and I submitted my assignment two days before deadline.

I was surprised by how much this activity increased my productivity in a single day. So I will use this activity to do difficult tasks in future.