Line of control or Line of War.

According to Article 2 para 4 of UN Charter:

_____“All Members of UN Nation shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” _____

It means that any time a state uses force against territorial integrity of any other state, it commits aggression and violates the Article 2(4) of UN charter. Russian invasion in Afghanistan in 1979, American Vietnam War, American war against terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, Indian violation of L.O.C, all are the belligerent examples of violation of UN charter.

A general way of UN in order to maintain world peace against a state who committing aggression is to warn that country first, then force sanctions on that state in order to isolate it and the last stage is to use collective force against that state.

In 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and declared it 19th province of Iraq. Saddam believed that, the Government of Kuwait is trying to drill oil from Iraq through inclined drilling, resulting in increasing economy of Kuwait against Iraq, considered to be the cause of war.

United Nations, in order to fulfill its basic cause asked America to use force against Iraq resulting in the freedom of Kuwait. Its was considered to be the greatest achievement of UN.

In 2003, America, under the presidency of George W. Bush, invaded Iraq to nullify the threat of weapons of mass destruction, which America believed that Saddam is making to attack America. I am again putting stress on “America believed”. After 10 years, Iraq was able to gain International image. In these 10 years, America desperately drilled oil from Iraq, killed a lot of innocent people, violated humanitarian rights just in the name of self-defense. And no one is saying that America did wrong. Muslims are targeted every where in the world in the name of terrorism. On the other hand, America is gaining image of peace bearer of the world by killing innocent people.

If the case is brought in Security Council (an organ of UN), America has a power of VETO. And she will always use this unanimous power in her favor.

India, violating L.O.C every day, is believing that it is a right thing to do. In fact, I personally think that, after 69 years of independence, they are still not able to digest that Muslims had ruled over them for almost 1000 years. They have so much jealously in them. An other dimension of the dispute is the conflict of Kashmir. And I will discuss that perspective in an other blog.

CPEC project in like a petrol on fire for them. CPEC is been called A GAME CHANGER or FATE CHANGER for Pakistan. By the start of working on China Pakistan Economic Corridor, India’s violation on Line Of Control is increasing day by day. Indian submarine, submerged in water, was also found in Pakistan’s coastal waters, which is also the violation of Laws of seas.

According to Laws of Seas, submarine can also pass through coastal water of any state but it has to be on surface and should show its flag. It was believed that, India sent the submarine to collect information. But what was the real purpose of that invasion? I don’t know.

Indian violation of L.O.C is a big proof of violation of territorial integrity of Pakistan. But, L.O.C is not an International Boarder. It is a binding, came into being through Arbitration. And both countries have to accept it in order to maintain peace.

UN is taking notice on this dispute everyday. But nothing can be done by just taking notice. UN has failed to fulfill its basic purpose to maintain peace, not only in Pakistan-India dispute, but in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and Syria.

Pakistan’s behavior on Indian aggression so far, is sensible and decent. but for how long? This dispute has to be resolved and both the countries are not even considering any opportunity to stop this madness. Other wise, this Line Of Control will become Line Of War.

That’s all…