How To Use Scarcity Power To Get Featured On Any Place On The Web

How I got a backlink from business insider for a teeny tiny website

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We all agree that gaining backlinks from top tier publications and authoritative sites in your space is the ultimate goal we all seek with the sites we work on.

The problem here is that it is actually hard to do so. To get featured on sites like Forbes and Business Insider is going to take a lot of time and effort and you are risking a lot of resources if you failed.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about the strategy I followed to take advantage of the Tesla Model 3 announcement to get a tiny site in the Automotive space featured on Business Insider.

first things first let me introduce you to a concept I learned while reading a book called “The Under Cover Economist” and it is Scarcity Power.

Scarcity power is an amazing concept talking about the power the businesses have when they have the scarcity made by location or even an OS like Apple.

Investopedia defined scarcity as:

and that’s the concept I worked on. to use the scarcity power of amazing content, right timing and industry’s events to get a backlink from Business Insider.

The idea:

In the Guestographics method invented by Backlinko he outlined a very simple but effective formula to get authority links:

Great content + Targeted audience + Added value = links

This is an amazing strategy and if you stumbled upon it on the web you are going to make the most out of this strategy because it is just one more term in the formula and the term is SCARCITY.

Imagine that you have scarcity power and you can use it to get links and exposure, Amazing right?!

People say that the right timing could scale up businesses and there is no difference when it comes to SEO strategies. And building your entire strategy focusing on the right time to outreach and interact with other entities is such an important factor in your success.

I manage a tiny website about car sound systems which I suffered trying to build authority links with such a small niche till I met Backlinko’s Guestographics strategy.

I thought about the topics I could use to make a good-looking infographic about that I could use to outreach top tier publications.

The announcement of the Tesla model 3 was so close and I thought ya it is going to be even more powerful to use a trendy topic to make an infographic about.

One of the main rules you should understand about making evergreen content and outreaching other publications is that you have to forget about your audience and think about theirs and that’s what I did.

So the child formula I made out of backlinko’s is:

Great content + Targeted outreach + Added value + Scarcity power = Links.

The strategy:

So now there are 4 aspects you should work on to get authority links and all of them are going to serve scarcity power as your main weapon to achieve your victory and breakthrough results so you better get in the Godfather style and start outlining each one of them with your team.

1- Great content + Scarcity power

If you want to use your industry’s events to get awesome links you need to think beyond written content why? Because it doesn’t include any scarcity.

Think about it, top tier publications have so many writers writing a dazzling amount of articles every day so why should they take yours and give you value for it (unless you are a world-class writer)

Instead, you should think about rich guest posts, these posts that have infographics and videos.

Also, interactive infographics are a trend these days and they make a very rich web page so it’s your pick, go with the type of content you like and could innovate in it the most.

2- Targeted Outreach + Scarcity power:

Using Scarcity power while outreaching your prospects should be your main focus point while crafting your outreach piece. Think about it this way, while there were 1000 companies outreached Business Insider to guest post a written article about iPhone 8, you awesome guy made an interactive infographic about the history of iPhone.

If you are the guy I’m outreaching you would think about it as a gift, A targeted gift for you and your audience and at the same time an amazing timing for such a gift. Believe me, they are gonna love you.

3- Added Value + scarcity power:

It’s no brainer that you should always add value to EVERYONE. The publication, the audience and finally yourself.

And the idea I want to focus on here is that you should embrace the scarcity power while speaking about your added value.

So you should always stress on that while outreaching and stress that the value you are trying to add could appear if they didn’t act fast enough to take advantage of it.

4- Scarcity power:

I learned the concept of scarcity power and how powerful it is when I read a book called The Undercover Economist and since then I’m trying to embrace the concept in everything I do when it comes to business and the awesome truth is that it really works.

One thing I need to make clear before going to how I implemented the formula to get a backlink from Business Insider is that there is no way I’m trying to adjust the amazing formula I learned from Backlinko.

I just like to mix things I learn and experiment them together and see the output and this is just what I did here. So this post is all about using the formula he made and mixing it with what I learned from Tim Harford’s book.

Now that this is clear that I’m applying the concepts these amazing people made to get results let’s go to how I implement the strategy to get the exposure I got from Business Insider:

The implementation:

1- The design:

After picking Tesla Model 3 as my topic of focus I searched the web and found that there are no Infographics about the car and all the infographics were about the company and its history and the previous models.

Sure no one should think about making a Piece of content about an event that didn’t happen yet unless us :).

I have decent skills when it comes to illustrator so I started designing and here is the final thing

It is not that fancy infographic but I was having very limited resources to work with but in your case the more you invest the better the results you are going to get.

2- The outreach list:

I recommend that you define your outreach lists before putting any efforts in your piece to customize it more and make the most out of it.

If you can take some resources from the sites you are going to outreach this could be awesome, more on that later.

At the beginning try to list the biggest players and publications so you can outreach them first.

Pro tip: outreach the sites that accept that you could outreach other sites and could use the piece later. So if any of them accepted your post you will still have another opportunity to make the most out of your piece.

Remember to make the list using filters that could help you while outreaching to classify the prospects and help you with the customization process.

At the end of the post, I’m going to include the tools I used with the entire process including the E-mail software that helped me a lot in this step so hang on.

3- Outreach Mail:

Customization is always a key when it comes to your outreach emails. Let’s say you are going to outreach Business Insider, first of all, use your custom Mail in my case it was “”.

Let’s say that you used one of their articles as a resource in your infographic here is how your mail should look like “THIS IS NOT A TEMPLATE”


It is Hot these days about the Tesla Model 3. I found a lot of interesting posts on your site related to the topic like the “Elon Musk made the Tesla history post”.

I made a stunning Infographic about Tesla model 3 using a lot of resources including your post mentioned above.

here is a link to the infographic:

So, I thought you might be interested in publishing the Infographic on Business Insider with a 300 words mini guest post.

waiting to hear from you.

Have a nice day.

This was my email I sent to Business Insider and I was lucky enough to get a response from one of their nicest editors.

Here are what I embraced in my Mail:

  • Scarcity power
  • Guestographics technique
  • Using their content as a resource

And that’s it. You don’t need more than that to actually get featured on such publication.

You just embrace the strengths you have and provide real value. Oh, here is the link to the Infographic on Business Insider

4- after the outreach:

First of all, I need to say that I outreached a lot of sites but the one I was fortunate enough to get a decent response from was Business Insider.

Also, keep in mind that you will find people offering to feature your piece as an ad on their site, forget about them.

After the outreach, I edited the infographic size to match their requirements, wrote the 300 words mini article including backlink to my site

5- the results:

After the post went live I focused on how the link affected my organic traffic and how many links I earned.

Happy to say that the post went on various versions of Business Insider like and I got around 118 links appeared in my search console from alone.

I also got like a dozen of backlinks from sites about Clean technology and Tesla communities and normal publications so in general, it was a big push forward.

The one thing I was sad about:

Remember the 300 words mini article and the link I added? yea they gave it a no-follow tag.

I contacted the editor and told him that I really need it to be a dofollow tag but he said he could do nothing about it and it is like something in their CMS.

When it comes to how it affected my traffic, well it took me a month to notice the difference but it was huge.

Remember that the site is so tiny but I really got a big boost in my search visibility and the daily organic traffic I get from search engines every day.

Tools I used:

1- Nylas Mail:

This is one of the best Email software I’ve ever used. It gives you the opportunity to know who opened your email and clicked your links.

Also, you can set up and alarm for a specific time to check if the people you sent the email to them opened it or not. And did I mention it is free?!

2- Adobe Illustrator: to design the infographic

3- chrome extension is a gold of mine when it comes to finding Emails on any site.

using the extension enabled to find most of the E-mails I was looking for and also to have more human-ish experience because I got the opportunity to mail real people not a submission form.

There you have it, this was everything I learned mixing strategies and concepts together and trying to get good results from very limited resources.

I will keep applying this strategy as much as it is going to work and will keep you updated with any changes and anything good or bad happens out of my experiments.

Your feedback and opinion are highly appreciated and please oh please if there is anything I said you think is wrong or there is a better way to do it let us know in the comments.