How Technology Helped JuiceMaker make people Healthier?


So, all around Bangalore, Hyper local delivery startups and flourishing and they are definitely helping other businesses out too by bridging the gap between stores that don’t have home delivery options.

At Juicemaker, we are on a mission to make everyone healthy one juice at a time. We believe we can give our best through the feedback that our customers provide. We are already training JuiceMakers and placing them in juice shops around the city so customers can have Juice Maker branded Fresh and healthy juices. We are trying to change the traditional outlook on Juice Shops that probably what Cafe Coffee day did 20 years back by serving Coffee which was usually had in local chai shops.

We, have been benefiting a lot from these startups and would like to share with you guys some interesting insights.

It was amazing to observe that, there has been an increasing trend of people opting for healthy juices. This made us curious and understand more about how we can cater to the healthy needs.

We were focusing on Juice Subscriptions, and managed more than 250 subscriptions in first month of launch when we launched our website

Soon, we were lucky to be spotted by India’s largest and most read online startup magazine (

This changed things drastically. Our orders through TinyOwl, Swiggy, Food Panda and Lookup increased a lot.

We nearly got 396 Juices on a single day just through TinyOwl and currently we are the Number 1 on the application in Koramangala with amazing user ratings.

We won the user choice awards from Lookup !

Swiggy also has helped us out in improving the business and we were getting nearly 100 + juice every day through Swiggy.

Appreciation- a powerful tool that motivates a person. Thank you Lookup for honoring us with the User’s Choice Awards

The advantage of working with Hyper local delivery startups is the Big Data. This is the treasure as we now can identify what are the favorite juices the user needs and at what time a user calls in for a juice and also his specific taste.

For example, there was a really increase in juice with health benefits among youngsters. On a sunday, there was a huge demand for detox juices. Also, there was a big user group who used to deliver juices/ health shakes before the Gym and after the Gym.

More Ladies preffered to start their day with a juice delivered to their office and Men preferred to end the day with a juice.

The data allowed us to understand our customers a little better and provide them with greater quality and service.

We at Juicemaker loves our customers and we are extremely thankful to Tiny Owl, Swiggy ,Food Panda and Lookup for making it easy for them too. We love you !


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