I walked to my new classroom. It was the first day in my 7th grade. Class 7-B was right opposite to the library. Little did I know that day about how big the impact of it would be in my life. The first month of the academic year used to be very relaxed with no exams or homework burden to take up.

The month April was also occupied with annual day preparations and the afternoon sessions were dedicated for the students to practice.

With lots of free periods coming one after another, the school librarian walked to our class on a lazy afternoon. He wanted a few students to help him with the new books that had just been delivered to the library. I raised my hand and walked towards him with two other classmates of mine.

A few big brown bundles were lying on the floor. He asked us to unpack it and arrange it as per the different genres that he had mentioned.

As I unpacked the first bundle of books, I felt like it was all magical, and it was love at first sight. The smell of the paper made me understand that I have very well lost my heart to the books already. Nancy drew and the hardy boys collections were the ones I started arranging one by one in the rack. And then there was nothing that could keep me away from books. I became a regular library volunteer. I would spend most of my lunch breaks and all the free periods at the library. I had this advantage to borrow an extra book just because I was a volunteer. As days went on, reading led me to two new paradises called writing and travelling. Most of the books I read over the years involved lots of different places and locations. Every time I read, I would become the character and start to explore the places. Sometimes I would even go to the extent of collecting more details about the places I have read in the book.

One important thing books has taught me is to value even the smallest of the happenings we see around. Most of us tend to ignore a lot of everyday happenings, considering it as usual and boring. What we don’t see is that no day is same. The way the writers express even the gloomiest day has struck a chord in me. I realized how beautiful a day can become if we start to actually notice things and admire them.

Once I started to do that, I got an urge to pen down the things I noticed. I wanted to see more and more and write about it. I wanted to write about anything and everything. I would say, even a shadow gave me a hundred instances to write about it.

I particularly loved to read about real life incidents and happenings in the form of a fiction. I would always assume that the fiction I’m reading has somewhere been an actual incident and the same can just happen anywhere. Such thoughts gave me more life, feeling and a sense of satisfaction every time I finished reading a book. Also, I started to get inspired, even by the slightest of any positivity I saw or read. I started to feel more energized day by day. I felt more alive than ever.

I’m so thankful to all the books I have read.

For what I’m today is because of the books I read yesterday. For what I write tomorrow is about what I see today.

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