The underrated solo travelling, “To be with yourself”

Everyone wants to travel. Everyone wants to visit new cities and countries. Of course, travelling is one of the best gifts one can give to their own self. But, the reason behind travelling has been getting a new definition. The real reason is being pushed back to the last seat. “To be with yourself”

One best thing about travelling is that it gives us a lot of time to think about nothing but ourselves.

A lot of people misunderstand this word “travelling”. When someone starts to talk about travelling, our mind quickly flies to Spain or Greece. Travelling does not necessarily have to be a high cost and time consuming journey across the world all the time, though it can be one of the best and a lifetime experience.

Even a person’s daily commute to work can very well become a powerful tool to de-stress if it is handled in the right way. Nothing but just a metro train journey can become very liberating and can possess some powerful vibes to stimulate the best and inspiring thoughts in you.

Travelling is a good amount of time spent with our heart and soul and we become a one man wolf pack throughout the changing locations and environment. Personally speaking, this is the time we tend to solve any kind of confusion or trap we are in, in style.

Travelling is not always about hotels and resorts and flight tickets and visas. It’s more about how special a day can become and make your soul smile and fly.

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