Best way to buy used cars

This is where we come into play. You are looking for a used car, and the government is auctioning them away. So, who benefits? It’s just a matter of thought. And interestingly, you will be precisely awestruck by hearing the cost at which these cars are being auctioned. You can literally bid and buy a used car for around a whopping 90% off on the retail price tag. Is this a scam? No. These are government properties that are being auctioned so as to clear up the useful Government space. Imagine owning your dream car at just a fraction of the cost of a new car!

Where to find Local seized Cars

Did you know everyday cars can be purchased for 90% from their retail value at car auctions around the united states to anyone else like everyone else and me? Some have even bids starting at $100 and you don’t need to be considered a car dealer to wait one.
Whether you want to pay hundreds less than what you will at a car or truck dealership, need something to truly get you back again and from university and/or work forth, are buying luxury car without the blissful luxury price or maybe want to discover a good, reliable car while being with limited funds, participating an automobile auction sales is right for you. Finding you are the hard part…

You can draw hair out looking for an automobile auction in in your area by looking in the paper, browsing the net or by basic requesting around just, which often leaves you nowhere. Or you may take the easy way to avoid it by joining an automobile auction site.


Customer Satisfaction: Excellent

* Instant access to 100’s of government car auctions
* Motorcycle, jewelry and house auctions
* Free car auction buying guide
Guaranteed car auction listings in every state
* 2 year — lifetime membership (no automatic rebilling)


Customer Satisfaction: Excellent

* Bids as low as $100
* Cars, SUVs and Trucks for up to 90% off Blue Book value
* Seized boat, real estate, jewelry and electronics auctions
* 3 free auction and wholesale source ebooks
* 6 month — Lifetime membership (no automatic rebilling)


Customer Satisfaction: Average

* Bids starting at $100 or less
* Clean title vehicles with low mileage
* Seized car, truck, real estate and boat auctions
* Prices up to 95% off of retail value
* Lifetime membership (one time fee)

Certainly, this is actually the easiest & most pain free way to discover a good car auction in your area. By learning to be a known member, you’ll save a headaches by gaining access immediately to info including the name, address, contact number and website of several car auctions in your city/point out. All you need to do is choose a state and choose an auction in your area. You should have the pleasure and satisfaction of keeping $1,000s on vehicles from Honda, Nissan, Acura, Chevrolet, Mercedes, BMW, etc.

In addition to these free government sites, you can use private sites. These sites provide information about federal and local government auctions. Gov-Auctions gives you access to both federal and state auctions. The sites charge a one-time fee of $39.00 for access to their information. Having all auctions on one site can be helpful. If you are launching a serious car search or buy auction cars on a frequent basis, paying to use this site might make financial sense

The Newspaper
The print media is also another great source. Check out local car magazines which list auctions and offers. Look in the announcement sections in the newspaper. The problem with going to print media is sometimes what you see in the magazines and in the newspaper may not be what you see when spotting the car itself.

Find a local auction. Seized car auctions can be rather difficult to find. Usually newspapers will report such auctions after the fact. Instead of waiting for advertisements, try using an online membership website. These sites compile all listings for auctions in your area for little or no fee.

Ideally, you need to know about the venue and car listings before you even enter an auction. This gives you ample time to find out all you want to know about the vehicle details such as its car value, make, model and performance. This piece of information can be found on seized auto search directories like the one listed in my blog.

Typically, there are dozens of government seized car auctions happening at various states at any point of time. So you can actually plan your route over the weekend perhaps to drive from one to another to view the vehicles. It is always wise to list down a top 3 or 4 favorite choice you would like to bid for. At least if you miss one, you can always bid for the next.

Likewise, to do so, you need to be fully aware of where the auctions are happening as well as when and what time. They normally open early so that you can be there prior to the bidding to actually see the displayed vehicles to make your pick. This information is found in online seized car search directories.

Finally, always bring along a qualified car mechanic as he would be able to perform simple diagnostics to assess the condition of the vehicle. If you have a friend who is good at that, ask him or her along. To get started, check out my blog for an up to date listing of the current government seized car auctions.

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