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What is a URL Shortener?

Suppose you have an e-commerce application with different types of products under different categories.

Forex: www.myshoppingsite/category/shoe/product/nike132032

If a customer wants to share the product using the above link, this could be really annoying due to the excessive character length of the URL.

Below are listed some of the problems due to this:

  1. Can’t remember the URL easily
  2. Can’t use the links where there are restrictions on text length Ex. Twitter.

The best solution to overcome this issue is by shortening these URLs

Forex: www.myshoppingsite/category/shoe/product/nike132032 to www.myshoppingsite/SdfsS

There are 2 popular shortening service available now,

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Why Custom URL Shortener?

But by implementing the above solutions, we will be facing another issue. A string value, goo.gl will be appended along with the URL shortener. …



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