This is me!!

Let's talk about Me

Gazing through the future.

On the day numbered with unluck in the Zodiac calendar, in the driest month in Uganda, in the freezing winter of the west, and the end of the festive season in the Georgian calendar, I took my first breath in this world with a shrieking cry, a cliché for all new to this world. The universe gave me the name, “Eric Muhwezi”, a name that has become my Identity, something that I call my own.

At just the turn from the main road into this street on the slopes of a descending hill, the filled with people of remarkable differences and the whole area thriving on street vending business changes and one must take care for the danger lurks in the great street of Kamwokya, the place known as the Ghetto of the great city Kampala. This is the place that I call home and I have lived as long as I can remember.

My name is Eric Muhwezi, a stoic person with passion and zeal to learn and share my knowledge with the people around me. I love to understand and create new things especially when they are very challenging and hard to pick up. I have recently fallen in love with programming, I guess it just an irony but its just the love. Lets just code.

just code!!