Uhuru vs Raila; a choice between murder and suicide

There is a common assumption that if you don’t support Raila Odinga, then you belong to the train of Uthamaki. It’s even worse when you go by a name that betrays you as a member of Nyumba ya Mümbi.

Far from it, it is possible not to be a supporter of these two. I’m a 25 year old who is consistently observing world trends. When I see revolutions taking place in countries such as France, I’m left desiring the same for my home.

Currently, our political scene is uninspiring and quite depressing to any person with a tinge of integrity. There is no presidential candidate that is willing to tackle corruption, the public wage, just to mention a few of the major issues affecting our nation. Of course there are about 8 presidential candidates, but only 2 can be considered serious not because we give them too much attention, but because the rest have been poor at planning. A presidential contest is a battle, and a serious battle leader must plan in advance, failure to which, he or she is bound to lose

Uhuru Kenyatta has done several things that we can all agree on being good; the capping on bank interest rates is one of his major achievement, something that many did not expect him to dare. However, his government has been faced with numerous challenges, and like I said, he is not inspiring. He is a normal president, and his unwillingness to tackle corruption and the public wage bill overshadows his small achievements.

Having been the first president to serve under the new constitution, one would have expected him to call out on it, for the large wage bill it created. We don’t need senators, women representatives, MCAs and deputy governors. Our country is overrepresented and a serious president would have tackled this, so as to channel more money into development, rather than paying huge salaries and allowances for zero work.

There ain’t much to be said about Raila Odinga, apart from the fact that we appreciate his fight for multipartism. Raila Odinga has had a dream of being the president of Kenya, and this seems to have had him put everything else -including ethics- aside, in his race to achieve his dream. There is nothing wrong with a man dreaming, but there is a lot to say about the means he uses to achieve his end.

There is a time that one would have been deemed okay for having some faith and hope in the likes of Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth, but of lately, their choices have been uninspiring, perhaps a resignation of good to evil

Everyone has a right to support whoever they want, but whether this right results to the election of the most suitable candidate is obviously debatable. Our current choices are between murder and suicide, and it shocks me even more, when my youth mates anxiously show their undying support to either of the two. Perhaps, suicide is not as painful as murder or vice versa.