Bridging Matrix and Telegram Rooms

Riot is a popular instant messaging Client that uses Matrix service. In this example we use Riot as matrix client.

Matrix is about matrixing all together and many bridges for many services are available. Like IRC, Slack, Twitter etc. You can use ‘Manage Integrations’ option from riot to use this feature. Today we wanna talk about bridging Telegram. But Telegram is not available on all homeservers. For the following examples, we’re using the homeserver. they use telematrix bridge in their server to integrate riot and telegram. It would work with any homeserver the same way if they are providing a telematrix bridge. So first you need to take an account in this server. The beauty of matrix is the ability to choose custom server. If we have enough technical knowledge, we can setup our own server to use this service. And we can write code to do any additional integration we need.

The steps to connect a Riot room and Telegram Groups