I’m not sure if you’re being sincere and honestly missing the point or if you’re deliberately…
Mujibar Sirajul

“ Who said anything about “10% of black victims are women”?

Oh, I assumed your sample was at least representative of all black victims but you’re saying it was actually just representative of… how many pictures you were willing to look at before getting bored and stopping? Ok, well, it turns out that this methodology has no statistical validity whatsoever.

Clearly I need to recalculate some of my figures because I used this 1-to-9 ratio of black women-to-men to calculate the effect that gender has on the odds of a black person being killed by police.

The rest of my figures are fine but after recalculating the gender effect in the black population, I must now admit that despite already having a significant gender advantage, I still understated the real advantage of being a black woman by quite a bit due to the poor sample you used.

They’re not 2% of people killed by police, they’re actually 1%. Much lower than the 6% they would be in a truly equal society, a bit higher than the 0.9% for white women (who should be 31% of victims) and significantly lower than the 24% of black men (who should be 6%) or the 46% white males (who should be 31%).

Of course, the single biggest discrepancy here is that in a truly equal society, women or men of any race would be approximately 50% of all victims yet women represent just 2.5% and men represent 97.5%.

Yet somehow, you were bewildered that you never thought to consider the obvious plight of… black women, while you continue to miss the obvious plight of people just like yourself.

Just how many dead white, hispanic or aboriginal men does it take to equal the value of a single dead female these days? It seems to be about 50 to 1 if the groups you choose to show concern for are the standard.

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