You should write a story about the harassment men get for being men.
Homa Sapien

Your flaw is in assuming the harassment that either gender gets is due to their gender. It’s due to them being exposed to the public at large, with gender simply changing the attacks that are used against them, just as race and any other factor does.

Women writers are not being attacked for being women any more than men writers are being attacked for being men. If those women were men, they wouldn’t suddenly be spared these attacks. In fact, they’d receive significantly more of them and they’d be far more violent to boot.

Despite the narrative on this issue being almost solely on the harassment that women receive, there isn’t a single study that I’m aware of that demonstrates this to be a problem they face any more than men and plenty of studies to indicate they face it far less than men.

Meanwhile, all of the studies that look at who is doing the harassing of women keep coming to the same conclusion: It’s other women, not men, who are harassing those women, yet you will seldom see this issue presented with a narrative based on anything other than empty claims of misogyny.