Trade show marketing — I’m afraid I’m going to screw this up
Nathan Kontny

Hi Nathan, As a startup marketer who has exhibited in trade show (may or may not do so in the future) and also done trade show marketing previously, I’d love to share my thoughts with you.

As a marketer, I often find most of the small trade shows don’t have much transparency in their show information and numbers. There’s limited information available to compare size and numbers among shows. Exhibiting at trade show is an expensive channel for most startups, with the booth rental, construction, promotion and onsite expenses all added up. Shows even charge you £100+ a day for a badge QR scanner! Since one doesn’t have enough information and data to justify the spend on this, especially if it’s the first time for a startup to exhibit, most startups tend to avoid this channel, and stick to digital channels, where they can see clear ROI and metric.

This space is definitely overlooked and needs more transparent reports and data as a whole!

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