A wish that came true — America

I am probably among few Afghans that made it to the states! Safe.

There were a few that cherished a dream coming true, one of them was W. How I met him? Well, that’s a long story I might need another cup of coffee.

I owe you my life W. As just as I remember our ‘secret’ trip to hiding behind ‘Patoo’ that was indeed something that helps me to smirk when I recall.

“See this, I want you too keep this ‘American’ dime and always remember you will make it to the states”

“Thashakor, W.”

That’s the part of our conversation over Salang pass, I cannot believe how we got so close, and how……but I miss you.

If I knew that my freedom would cost me our friendship, I would happily choose to still be in Afghanistan, at least we would meet and probably we were having ‘Kebab’ somewhere in Kart-e-Char.

Everyday I drive from apartment to work, then I travel at least 100 miles north around Puget Sound. There is always a place empty next to me, there will be a laughter missing, and I don’t know when we’ll be together again.

The Olympics Seattle, Washington

I won’t stop saying, you made me whatever I am today. W! there is no way I will forget you.

There’s only one hope that calms me down that,