Old Kabul 'Ghost'

On a winter day years ago I asked mom while playing with spilled beans in front of me.

What old kabul looked like when you were a kid, madar?

Turned out that mom was a big fan of Ahmad Zahir (The Golden singer) of Afghanistan. She sadly said the day he was killed in charikar mom cried alot.

Growing up in war i didn’t got the chance to experience the beautiful old kabul except a day I toom a tour with Padar around ‘Koche Kharbat' or the street of dreamers, every corner of the small alley was like a small world of music. You can’t resist if you’re into music (I mean it).

Behind the featues of 45 years old lady and a flat forhead the mind that had run for decades started searching for memories that could make me laugh.

She started with “Darwaza Lahori” or the gate to Lahore I didn’t knew back then what it meant. But later on, I assumed that it could be a gate that leads to Lahore, Pakistan. As I dig more deep, mom memory started recalling those beautiful and haunted momories that were now eternally gone.

To be continued……