Male Body Building

Many bodybuilders and people pursuing the perfect body don’t know what to eat to build muscle. Mixing a quality muscle building diet with the proper workout will allow you to quickly and efficiently build muscle. If you want to build muscle, you must consume a large quantity of calories. It is vital that you plan and prepare a well-balanced ​Cell Expansion Protocol diet that is full calories, protein and carbohydrates.After this, you probably still don’t know what to eat to build muscle. The first aspect of putting together a quality muscle building diet is eating lots of protein. The amount of protein that you should consume depends on your body size since everyone is built in different proportions. Another determinant to how much protein you should consume is the type of activity you are partaking in and how often you do the activity.

Protein is a key part for your diet for what to eat to build muscle. In fact, protein should consist of 25–35% of your overall diet. Some of the protein items that you can and should include in your diet are chicken breast, sirloin steak, scallops, lean ham and pork The next area of what to eat to build muscle is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates assist in fueling your body to handle the heavy weight lifting you will be doing. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in your muscles, and when you are working out your body reverts to carbohydrates for energy. When your muscles cannot get enough glycogen, the result is fatigue and a loss of endurance for your workout.

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