How I left behind my silicon dream for a saner place to work
Justin White


A well put together record for ‘valley aspirants’.

I love the stories that you put in like

At Google, my friend said he’d routinely put in 80-hour work weeks. That’s insane! It was like a badge of honor to people out there.

These kinda stories encourage you to investigate deep within, what is that you actually want from a job.

Just to add to a point, I know of good number of “employees” in valley doing 40-hour work, attaining a work-life-balance while simultaneously putting their own little dent in the universe. It’s not all big bad world.

Coming to Basecamp, I adore the company and it’s values. Jason and David are one of the best guys in the industry, if you’re looking for Role Models.

Thank you for the good read.

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