How has Fiji become a Popular Destination for Tourists?

Are you looking for a beautiful destination to spend your holiday? If yes, you may visit Fiji on this vacation to enjoy special moments with your family and loved ones. It is an island country situated on an archipelago of 333 islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the biggest islands of the country, where 80% of the total population reside. But, other islands are stunning containing virgin tropical forest and surrounded by turquoise water. The islands have sandy beaches and resorts which help in enjoyment rarest moments in life. Adventure activities like jet ski, river rafting, snorkelling, and scuba diving to watch the coral reef. That’s why Fiji has become a paradise for the tourists to enjoy during the holiday.

But earlier, Fiji wasn’t getting the same magnitude of tourists in the country due to lack of infrastructure and other factors. Though the country is gifted with beautiful hill station and sightseeing, yet lacked the necessary infrastructure for spending a holiday.

Louis Gerard Saliot is the President/CEO of Euro-Asia Management Group who has established many tourism projects in the South Asian countries. As a visionary leader, he envisions the potential of Fiji Tourism industry and contribution to the national Gross Domestic Product. The tourism industry has created a lot of employment for the local youths.

Natadola Marine Project is situated on the shore of the Bay. The sandy beaches and turquoise water provide a fantastic environment for tourists to enjoy. Gerard Saliot has created a special project for the development of this area into a tourist hub. He has created themed parks, gardens, resorts, villas, and beachfront homes for the incoming visitors in the country. Eco-friendly techniques were utilised in the making of themed parks, created for a family holiday. That is why he is popular among the Fijian which won him accolades in the country.

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