The moment I didn’t act..

It might be a simple situation ..And it was.But it disclosed an interesting and an unusual part of me.

It was one of my regular trips to home from my college.That day was no different.The trip includes me switching buses.I used to reach the second bus station an hour ago and i like watching activities in a bus station.

So on that day while I was occupying a seat and waiting for my bus, I saw a beautiful child chatting with her mom.They were in the front seat.She was so cute and adorable[I really mean it].I loved her so much.I was not able to take eyes form her.Her behaviour almost caught everyone’s attention.She was repeatedly asking questions about their trip.

All i thought was to have a conversation with her and take a memorable pic with her.But i didn’t do that.All that needed was a simple smile or hello to her.I instead just watched her activities and let the moment go.I don’t know why i didn’t respond.Still i regret my act.

Now,Keeping the story aside ,analyzing the reason why i didn’t act even though i wanted to, I was able to discover the hidden part of me or in other words ,my behaviour…And i could see myself behaving in similar way in other situations too.The behaviour is nothing but being “reserved”[Reserved: keeps thoughts and feelings to himself].

Though i wanted to do or express certain things in a situation , I restrict myself doing that and I end up regretting the way i behaved.I wasn’t taking my chances.After such incidents i worked on the remedy part and i am still in the process..its nothing but taking the chances.Better act than regretting it later. This quote came to my mind while writing this


Rightly said..