“What are you in for?”

“Adultery. And you?”


“Whom did you kill?”

“Killed my son’s teacher. He brainwashed him into becoming a suicide bomber. My wife couldn’t take it. I returned from work and found her hanging. Since then I had nothing to live for except revenge.”

“Are they going to hang you?”

“Probably. What’s your story? “

“I eloped with my friend. She had been married for 5 years and not one day had passed when her husband didn’t abuse her. We grew up together and were really close. I couldn’t bear her being beaten to death every night by that brute.

That day he came home early and found me consoling her. He called us names and started to beat her in front of me. I couldn’t take it and knocked him off. I persuaded her to run away with me and start afresh.

But fate conspired against us. We were caught. She was stoned to death and here I am.”

“Hmm. Fate’s a bitch.”

“Both fate and society are. It is wrong to love someone out of wedlock even when misery is all that the wedding has brought you but it isn’t wrong to objectify women or to allow fundamentalists their freedom of speech and expression.”

“Well we are proof of society’s brand of justice. I think we are better off dead than alive. The system can’t give us justice. People like us were condemned since birth to do what we’ve done and then quietly leave society with its zombies and morals.”

“Well society surely has some screwed up sense of morality.”

“Hell yeah. Most of our problems arise because of our incompatibility with society’s rigid version of love.”

“It expects us to conform to its moral standards even for matters of the heart. It loathes to allow passion rule over logic and never fails to outcast non conformists.”


“I’m sorry for your wife and son.”

“Don’t be. What was your friend’s name?”

“Ayesha. Actually she was my sister. A closely related cousin. I never knew how or why but I just happened to fall in love with her and she with me. We grew…”

“What? you incestous son of a…

“Cut. Excellent shot.”

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