He saved me. Wonder where I’d be! I’d probably be a wretch or a wreck or both. Yes! I finally know the difference between those two words and that they clearly describe what I’d not want to be at all. Oh am I glad I’m adopted into the victors’ family! Knowing the difference having God has brought in my life, I’m pretty sure I’d be a ‘gone-case’ probably even…..literally dead.

That God did not spare his only son, Jesus, a king of kings, but generously offered Him to tread the paths of this earth (which is filthy compared to what I can only imagine his home town-heaven to be); that He let Him take on the more vulnerable human body, offering Him to die a shameful, painful and lonely death as a sacrifice to win me life; for love’s sake, I will never fully know what kind of love this is. I mean if He loved me as I know He does, He could have as well sent me an angel, the best angel, or given me hundreds of goats since he owns everything, but no, He went the extra mile, giving me His only son. Such love! Such selflessness! I will boast about Him forever. No, I will not shut up about Him. On the contrary, I desire to serve and praise Him forever, even in this increasingly godless world, where I may be considered foolish or ‘uncool’ doing it.

Do I falter? Yes! Do I stumble in my bid to follow Him? A resounding yes! Do I sometimes opt for the seemingly more attractive and wider but diabolic short cuts in life; slipping and sliding off; even sometimes consciously walking off the narrow road to God? Yes! But how I desire to stay on course and give Him my best as He has given! I’m glad that his unwavering love and sufficient grace are always at hand to renew my resolve and my commitment to Him; always there to help me back up when I fall. I’ve had close friends and family, even ‘best’ friends, but none compares to Him when it comes to providing reassuring, unending and safe love. The Bible says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good”. I can confidently say that I’ve tasted and seen that He’s truly good and yet I have not even seen the half of it. It’s just the beginning! I have great news by the way! His company is not exclusive to me. He loves you too. Have you tasted?