Virtual learning is a lot for students. To help them, I need to throw out the traditional playbook.

Photo: Tim Robberts/Getty Images

Throughout my teaching career, I’ve always felt like the first day of school should be when we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day. While it’s the day when most of us are anxious to meet our new students and make positive impressions, it’s also when we get visits from former students. …

Album cover of Common’s Black America Again, released on November 4, 2016.

It’s been a little over 24 hours since the 2016 presidential election concluded, and I, like millions around the world, still find myself asking, “He really won?” What I get as an answer are pictures of protests and uprisings in the country’s metropolitan centers; a sense of despair, confusion and…

Muktaru Jalloh

When he’s not in the classroom, Muktaru is a DJ and Pop Culture Writer based in Washington, D.C. Previous contributions include: Mic News, LEVEL + AllHip-Hop

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