When someone in the family dies all of us cry. But my mum cries a little harder.

When I used to come home for the holidays she was usually happy at first but then always grew increasingly frustrated. It didn’t matter that I was back home after years. The pattern was always the same.

]Happy. Not so happy. Frustrated.

And then my uncle died because of COVID. I wish he didn’t. It wasn’t that we were close but it was just that I knew my mother hated that my uncle died more than anything else.

I always believed that…

It wasn’t sport any more. It was theater

It is not every day that captains of national teams plead supporters to come watch their team play. He wouldn’t even mind abuse, he assured us. Sticks, studs, and words may break my team’s bones, but acknowledge that we exist. Our hattricks, our slipups, our mistakes make them yours and tear them apart in your conversations with your friends. But just be there. Lend us your bodies and minds!

No national cricketer will have to plead audience to give their attention. It had to be football. …

As a male from an upper caste and for most part of life upper class too, the one thing privilege never taught me is the ability to deal with rejection. I am not saying growing up I felt entitled to the world, but if someone had to be, who better than me, right?

Recently, a short story I had written got rejected from a publishing house and it felt unreal. As if the rejection itself was something new. The response inside ranged from “what is this strange feeling of sadness that has engulfed me? Tis strange and unique! Have I…

This is an excerpt from the book I hope to one day write, ”This is NOT History’, a collection of historical events with historical figures that totally did not happen. But it would have been nice had it happened like this. Also, I don’t want to find out what really happened, waste my youth pirating academic documents, only to get told that it offends a group of people whose idea of Mahatma Gandhi is derived from his stunning biography — the 2000 rupee note (the 10 rupee notes are the cheap paper cousins). …

Mukesh Manjunath

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