Did that hurt? A story of a bitter pill and a lot of rejections.

I was 26 years old navigating my way into the world of freelance writing. My previous jobs included a two-year stint with The Times of India with five successful editorial projects and an independent translation contract with a leading Children’s Bible Translation Society.

So yeah, my writer’s ego took a massive shock that day. The editor was Anita Joseph who was heading the team of Family Ethos — a magazine in Bangalore. This must have been my second article that was returned to me in a word document with numerous red marks. Anita’s process was simple. She would first do…

A few handy tips for women entrepreneurs

I am a new entrepreneur. My first ever venture of an online Hindi Language Course went live last month, and I recently got my first buyer.

In a pandemic-hit world, this felt like the best thing ever. But I need guidance. I like listening to podcasts while walking or working out, so I hit upon Kate Hancock’s podcast.

She is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and international speaker who was born and raised on the small island of Camiguin, Philippines. She started her first company with $20 and she made it to Inc’s 5000…

Being single ain’t that bad

Valentine’s Day can be tough or annoying for some people.

So your love life’s DOA, it’s like you are always stuck in second gear. And that part becomes “surround sound” today.

Alas, even your most faithful bedside companion Netflix betrayed you, dropping trailers after trailers of brand new romantic movies. That nosy colleague in the office has asked you five times if you had ‘plans for Valentine’s Day’. Or just the whole frenzy of colours — white and red — are suddenly more annoying.

I feel you. And no matter how much you are resisting and fighting back this feeling, you just wish there were noise-cancelling devices available for Valentine’s…

World famous Taktsang Goempa in Paro, Bhutan is unforgettable for a reason.

You never really get over this view.

I woke up with a start. The cold bit my ankles. Did the heater stop working? My left foot had lost the sock. My hands mechanically reached out to my phone. It was 7 am already. 7 degree Celsius. It felt minus something though. A little light protruded from the window. Clouds moved through the white transparent curtains. It was foggy. If I were at home, it would easily be a ‘chai-in-bed-work-in-bed’ day. Not that day though. My feet were cold but my heart was warm with the prospect.

Get inspired by illustrator and artist Sanjay Reddy

Illustration by Sanjay Reddy

A bored engineering student doodles in lectures, gets caught multiple times, is promptly thrown out of the class and eventually makes a career out of illustrating, doodling. This seems like an excellent opening premise of an inspiring movie. But here’s the thing, amazing things happen all the time around us, we just aren’t looking.

Sanjay Reddy was never the ‘inspiring type’. In fact, he was well on the path of Sharma Ji Ka Ladka — an engineering degree, a job in Bangalore. Only that God didn’t like the script so much. Oh…

Photo Courtesy: Abhishek Masih

Learning to accept the pain of heartache.

Has a heartache ever left you numb? It’s like someone hit you on the head. The very first bodily reaction was a shrill sound, it seemed to engulf all of your other senses. You don’t feel a thing — sorrow or happiness — for a very long time.

One of the worst feelings in the whole world is knowing that your heartache was so absolutely useless. The feeling that you were fooled, used, trampled upon. When you shed countless tears or spent sleepless nights crying. When James Bay became your “Bae” for weeks on end or when you wrote Tomorrow…

I know where it will hurt the most

I know when, and how

Yet I am holding on to a hope,

A little more hope for now

Even if this love feels so clear in sight

I know tomorrow you won’t be mine

Photograph By Abhishek Masih

It burns and hurts in sweet pains

I long, I sob on the little victories,

and little gains

Let me dwell a little more in your love, in your skies

For tomorrow you won’t be mine

Isn’t it crazy how I lose my guards

I drop my walls?

Your thoughts rule my world,

my present and my…

It’s time to celebrate music!

John Matychuk on Unsplash


A song from a distant radio

Unveils a time gone by

Or words woven tastefully

Unlock an old key of memories

A brooding violin sings

Unbuttons the bosom of sorrow

A slight touch on the fret

Undresses a wound forgotten.


I hear a prelude every morn

When the breeze plays

A bird then takes it to soprano

And in cadenza goes the day

The tiny ones have their own symphony

When all’s dark and no one’s listening

They talk to each other in lyrics

Till the Sun shines a spotlight

Easier, when I say it to others. Tougher, when I have to let you go

Easier, when I say it to others

Tougher when I have to let you go

Determined, when it’s something else

Broken, when I have to let you go.

A million resolutions every day

One of them to let you go

A thousand vows each moment

Every one to let you go.

Prayers and more prayers to help me to let you go

More wishes so I didn’t have to let you go

Struggles , fights that pierce my soul

Each iota of argument to let you go.

Till I command myself and shout out

That I really must let you go

Unless I make peace within

That it’s okay to let you go.

© Mukti Masih 2018

Overcoming everyday struggles of writing

Courtesy: Pixabay

This is yet another day when I read several pages of a book in the middle of today’s writing assignment. I Took an hour-long “impromptu nap” — if there’s any such thing. I Volunteered to cook my family’s favourite Indian dish. I did not miss my daily hour of swimming pool. I also Spent several other hours reading and rummaging through two of my current favourite Medium platforms — The Writing Co-operative and PS: I Love You.

I finished half of my writing assignment later and felt fantastic because I loved what I wrote. If…

Mukti Masih

Among India’s Top 10 Content Writers |Christ-follower | Chai-fanatic | Desi | Central Perker | Thought Catalog | Thrive Global | Blog at https://muktimasih.com/

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