Reflect, Realize, Refine. That’s All.

Following this, is something that can really help you to be Better than you are now, as in order to be BEST, you need to be Better first. So, here it starts..


Contemplate on what you think, what you understand, and what you express.

It helps you to be more aware with you. It reveals your true nature to you that will lead you Identify what’s your way to Happiness!


Feel and Experience the true sense of your reflections and Expressions.

When you reflect and then express something; it is not always accepted, It is not always understood, and It is not always true.

You need to understand that whatever you think and express comes from a source of data you have, which can not be always right.

Whatever you know is always Limited and will always, its a fact to accept.


When you Realize the true sense of your reflections.
Its time to improve now. Refining is a Process that includes Analysis, Identification and Acceptance.

Analyze your Reflections. Analyze whatever you’ve expressed.

Identify when and where you was not right and there is no need to Identify why you was not right. 
(Don’t find Excuses, they are just the waste of your time and energy always.)

Its just that you were unaware of the Truth.

“It is impossible for someone to lie unless he thinks he knows the truth.” -Harry Frankfurt

Accept what is right, and accept it even its against to your Ideology.

Accept because you’ve Realized, accept because its the Truth and accept because this acceptance will Move you Forward.

Accept with understanding, accept with gratefulness and accept with a believe to be better because “in order to be BEST, you need to be Better first”.


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