by Mukul Agarwal

Digital product design is the profession of designing digital websites, apps and other experiences used by billions of customers around the world every day. Figma and Sketch are the primary tools used by product designers across major technology companies these days. These tools have revolutionized UI design the same way Photoshop made it very easy to create content back in the 90s.

A major advantage of these tools has been very advanced collaboration capabilities. A core part of that collaboration is maintaining a source of truth for all the UI elements on a website or a mobile…

by Mukul Agarwal

Netflix pioneered on-demand video streaming and has survived and soared through the past 2 decades to become a giant in the streaming space. It has enjoyed a near-monopoly in the homes of Millenials and internet users after the days of cord-cutting. Not for long though, Disney, Apple, HBO, and other companies have come out with very competitive offerings. Disney+ signed up more than 10 million subscribers on its first day of release. …

Half and Half Promo Video

This is Part 1 of a series investigating the design of the Virtual Reality (VR) game Half an Half. This is one of the best designed VR games I have seen so far. I’ll be talking about the basic building blocks of this VR experience in this part — Avatars, Hand controllers, Locomotion, and Menu system.

Section 1: Avatars 😃

I came up with the idea of teaching American Sign Language using Mixed Reality while listening to Raja Kushalnagar of Gallaudet University at one of our weekly Brown Bag Lunch at HCIL. Raja used ASL to communicate his presentation with the help of a translator speaking aloud in English. I realized that if Raja were wearing a MR headset with advanced hand gesture recognition capability, it could recognize ASL, convert it into English and speak it out aloud. This would allow Raja to talk to virtually anyone without the need of a translator. …

Extensive List of VR prototyping tools to improve your workflow

My first project in VR (using Unity) that led to my obsession for finding a better way to design for VR

Hello everyone!

There are a lot of different ways one can go about developing a VR App depending on if it is a 360 video, Gaze based 360 UI or a Room Scale Experience. Regardless of the type of “VR” app that you are developing, it is almost always better to create a low-fidelity prototype to test your idea first before diving into development. This can save you a lot of time in developing a VR experience that is usable and reduce development costs as you are only developing a concept that works.

Low-fidelity prototyping is a method used extensively…

Its the end of 2016 but the era of Virtual Reality has barely started. I have put together a list of resources to learn design in the new medium of VR.

  • A curated list of videos and articles about UX design in VR
  • Subscribe to the Voices of VR podcast. You can listen to this and other podcasts using Podcast Addict on Android or the native Podcast app in iOS. (These podcast apps allow you to listen at increased playback speed and remove the silence in the podcast episodes)
  • Subscribe to this design mailing list by Adrienne Hunter @snickersnax. …

Hello! If you are here, you have already started the process of learning to develop for VR. I am so happy to recruit another one of you into my (and a few hundred thousand people’s) craziness. Thanks for making the jump.

Let’s start: First of all, you will need to select a Game Engine: Unity or UnReal. My personal preference is Unity as it has a lot of online resources to learn from.

Note: If you are reading this and WebVR has taken over the world, then ignore this whole article. These game engines are probably dead.

Now that we…

Mukul Agarwal

AR Product Designer @Amazon | High Fidelity, IIT Roorkee alum | Creator of Crava and @MockupVR | Opinions are my own

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