Color is one of the vital parts of a design. As a designer you have many colors to use. But are you fully free to use whatever you like? No, you’re not allowed to use anyone. Here is an art which will expose your design skill because design is not only a mixture of colors. Each color has a meaning. So, you must have to choose the right color for the right field. That’s why you must have to acquire enough knowledge on the method of color selection and effective color application. Now we’ll know here the meaning of colors first.

There are many colors in the color palate. But we’ll illustrate here some important colors that are frequently used.

Meaning of colors:

White — honesty, innocence, purity, goodness, virginity, perfection, politeness, safety, gentility, cleanliness, stability .

Black — power, seriousness, strength, authority and motion.

Red — danger, energy, strength, war, power, determination, desire, passion, pathetic, love, crash, emotion, blood, sex, terror, fear.

Yellow — joy, honor, clarity, happiness, heat, intellect, enlightenment, energy, warmth, remembrance, cheerfulness, stimulating, freshness, positivism, optimism.

Pink — sweet, fun, nice, playful, childhood, cute, laughing, romantic, charming, feminine, emotion, tenderness, flowers, babies, baby, girls.

Green — progress, environment. life, peace, renewal, development, nature, energy, growth, alive, harmony, discipline, freshness, safety, fertility, money, finances, banking, ambition, greed, jealousy,

blue — freedom, trust, spaces, integrity, intelligence, confidence, loyalty, expansiveness, wisdom, inspiration, faith, sensitivity, truth, intuition, heaven, imagination, depth.

Purple — royalty, nobility, female, luxury, power, ambition, wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, magic.

Effective color application:

natural peace

We have already had a general concept on color meaning. Now we’ll see the application of colors.

Hey guys, I know that a much longer article is ever disgusting and boring to go through. So, I’ll try to keep it shorter with a talent and systematic way that’ll help us to scheme the vital mysteries of color selection and effective color application much easily.

We’ll draw an ideal example with two different images that’ll demonstrate to all the rest colors.

Among the various meaning of colors we can point out exact meaning of red and yellow in RdeBull. Firstly we’ll point out the meaning of red. We should now go back to the meanings of red. We find that red represents energy as well as power. Here we know the RedBull is an energy drink. The color of a brand or a product name or logo must have to represent it’s characteristics. As the drink will provide energy so the color of it’s name or logo should represent energy. So, red is here an ideal application of color. Again we can find that they used a sign of bull to burst out the signal of power. We know bull is usually dangerous and fierce. So, red is perfect to the bull shapes.

Secondly we find that they used yellow at the background. Yellow is also signal of power or danger as well as energy. So, most relevantly we find here a great reflection of the drink’s characteristics and a great color combination.

On the other hand we also notice a wrong application of red in the natural peace flyer. Red matches here neither the name ”nature” nor “peace” even the image of the river. We should think of color for this flyer considering color meaning and matching it’s overall significance.

Hey guys, I want to draw your attention to a fact that you may think that as the name of the brand is RedBull so red is used. No, not this at all. If the word “Red” would be absent color would be red then yet. Because the color ever expresses the brand characteristics.

Okay, I think it’s now clear enough. You may now discover yourself that where is the weakness of your color application. There is no any necessity of explaining examples individually for each and every color. You yourself will be well capable of making a meaningful color selection and effective color application if you’re aware of the meaning of colors.

Now see many samples on Google and ask yourself about it’s color. If don’t get clear just try to study on that up to getting clear. This process will make you fruitful much faster.

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