I am writing this post just because when I was new in blogging, these were the tips which helped me a lot in growing as a professional blogger.
 In this article, I won’t be telling you the ways to promote your blog, rather I’ll guide you with some very good articles which helped me grow, and I am pretty sure which would help you grow, as a blogger, I mean, if you want to grow as one.
So here’s a list of the best articles I found: This is indeed the temple for writers, you can find almost anything you desire to, and it has a very good article about 36 Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts
 The best thing about it is, it is an Infographic, so I got a lot of help from this one. You can save the photos for later use, so it was of quite a help to me.

An example of an infographic. There was a very interesting article on this website, which read How To Promote Your Blog With 105 Content Promotion Tactics, the “105 ways” immediately lured me to open it and have a look at it and I am glad that I did. It is very informative and though I could not get all the 105 ways to use, some of them turned out to be the difference makers for me. The reason this made it to the list is, just have a look at how neat the layout of this article(15 Strategies to Promote Your Blog) is. They should have called it 16 for this reason, purely minimal, no clutter, significantly less ads, all what a viewer wants. 
 You should try this as even if you don’t adopt any of the strategies they tell you to, you can still have a very good idea of how a neat interface should be like for you. I mean it worked for them right? I shared their article for free, in all seriousness. Discussing about blogging and not bringing this into it, is a serious crime, pun intended. He is the ultimate blogging guru and you should never ignore whatever his blog tips give you. Just have a look at his article named The Uncensored Guide to Promoting a Blog Post. It is amazing, I just love his work and so will you when you give it a read.

My own words of wisdom: Now you don’t have to read this if you want, but I have a short set of tips of my own: 
 (You should also visit: good ways to promote a blog)
 a.Do not panic

b.Do not change your theme every single day

e. And most importantly,DON’T GIVE UP, it takes time, but if you hold on to it, it gives results.

Originally published at on March 12, 2017.