Serendipity in Delhi

If you are a tech person, just visit Nehru Place in Delhi once. The place makes you realise how computers have become a household commodity and no longer a luxury product kept in swanky showrooms only for the elite. The place is bustling like a flea market and the products are electronic/computer hardware/software. Printers, phone accessories neatly stacked on the pavements…vendors yelling out offers !

I was recently there and the reason is a long story for another time ! As soon as I entered, a young boy approached with a list in hand…”Microsoft Windows 10, Photoshop ..full installation discs available, guaranteed to work, at dirt cheap price” he said. When I did not show any interest…he tried guessing perhaps from my physique and blurted ”games?? Battlefield, NFS, etc. etc. “

Its almost like you have walked into Piratebay’s brick-and-mortar store and adwords popups have come alive..pouncing on you as soon as you enter :D

A typical view of Nehru Place

In recent years, the place has turned around a lot , giving way to a much more developed infrastructure on one side of it. High end restaurants, tall buildings, glittering lights, music etc.

The other side of it !

Coming back to our bustling market place. I was there when it started raining heavily. Crowd dispersed hurriedly , huddling into long drawn bright blue tarpaulins, leaving behind large empty tiled floor strewn with trash. Litter just brings unsurmountable pain every time I see it. A lack of civic sense widespread in the country !!!

But at that moment I observed something unusual. I instantly took my phone out and clicked it. See this pic again,

A clever rain harvesting technique ! :)

A simple solution.

A water container hanging with a rope from the tarpaulin.

When it rains, the weight of the container, pulls the rope down creating a channel in sheet , collecting water, which falls into the container underneath.

It also prevents splash from ruining their stuff. And water from sagging the sheet.

When water is substantial it is just decanted into another container.

You never know what you come across even on a normal day. Rain stopped. And I left the place a bit more enlightened ! :)