[ The Lord of the Rings: An F# Approach ] The Path of the Hobbits


The Path of the Hobbits: Frodo and Sam on their Journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring
The Lord of the Rings vs. The Hobbit Series

Setting up

Result of the Data Acquisition
Extracting the Data into a Deedle Data Frame
Brief Sneak Peak of what this Table look like from the Link. For the entire table view, the link will provide the best view.

Feature 1: Average Score from Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes
Creating a Data Frame with just the Rotten Tomatoes Score of the two Movie Series and create a table.
Table with the Rotten Tomatoes Scores


Feature 2: Return on Investment

In this case, Total Revenue is the Box Office Revenue and Total Cost is the Production Budget
Compute the ROI and Profit Series and then Clean up the Data Frame for better visualization
Charting the Budget, Revenue and Profit
Budget, Revenue and Profit Comparison. Clearly, the Profit for the Lord of the Rings Series seems higher than that of The Hobbit Series
Charting the ROI
ROI % Between the two series. Like the previous case, the Lord of the Rings ROI % is higher.


Feature 3: Academy Award Wins to Nominations

Lord of the Rings

56.7% Wins of all Nominations isn’t bad at all. There were a total of 30 Nominations.

The Hobbit

Just 1 win out of 7 Nominations. :(

Combining the Results

The Lord of the Rings Series Wins Per Nominations % is significantly higher.


Result of Analysis

Grumpy Denethor is Grumpy
Alpha is defined as the number of pages per movie
Higher Alpha for Lord of the Rings implies a lot more information to base a movie off
Yeah, Dude! Gandalf wins either way.

Data Acquisition

Creating the Html Provider based on the Lord of the Rings film series
Record representing the Movie Info

Budget and Box Office Revenue

Data from Table 1
Mumbo Jumbo Involved with Extracting the Data from Table1

Academy Award Nominations and Wins

Data from List Academy Awards
Data Extraction from the list
Movie Helpers

Rotten Tomatoes Score

Data from the Public and Critical Response Table
Here lies code I am not too proud of: Data Acquisition isn’t a bed of roses.
Overall MovieInfo


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