How Technocratic Hyper-Rationalism Has Birthed Right-Wing Extremism
Liz Ryerson

An audacious assault on techno-Utopian delusions of technology’s problem solving capabilities. Hyper-rationalism and its ally, ultra nationalism with its notions of racial singularity, together seek to cleanse the world of what is perceived as weak, inefficient and redundant. Technology is not an autonomous force, it is created and manipulated by a few who hold its levers of control to amass wealth and pontificate on its democratizing effect and its so called level playing field. Take the architecture of the Internet. It is supposed to be open and democratic. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can write anything and pretend be Socrates or a Plato. But who is making the money by selling our information to advertisers? A cartel of technology companies control the Internet. Those who control the switches can direct, re-direct or deflect online traffic.

When our understanding of the working of the human brain is incomplete, the trumpeting of the arrival of super artificial intelligence seems premature.

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