This is the Way to Overcome Laziness and Find Greatness
Christopher Connors

Inertia is the natural concomitant of doing jobs that are not close to our hearts.It’s the lot of the majority to toil and labour in professions that we may dislike and yet are forced to take up for making a living. Not all can take the risk of quitting their jobs and seek out greener pastures.

In such situations of unavoidable monotony, the soul can be refreshed and rejuvenated by pursuing hobbies and interests that are close to our hearts.In order to choose the right activity that will blunt the harsh edges of soul-killing professions, we need to hold a honest dialogue with our inner minds. This process is what we call self-awareness.

Rather than doing something for its own sake as a distraction from the crushing burden of forced livelihood, we must align our hobbies to activities like helping out people, animals and protecting Nature.When we stop worrying about ourselves and start thinking of unfortunate people and other creatures that share the planet with us, we have won the battle against laziness and lethargy.

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