For Every Decision, Ask: Will it Diminish or Enlarge You?
Brad Stulberg

It is a good healing strategy to evaluate decisions on the touchstone of personal growth or atrophy. At the same time, our value systems differ. Is it possible to have a universal value to determine what is “ diminishing” and what is “ enlarging”? This becomes a spiritual question, an existential one for those who look life with a non-materialistic eye. For many of us, it is utility that matters no matter whether it diminishes or enlarges us in the long term.The human species is vulnerable to shortsightedness.It misses the woods for the trees too often for comfort.

Ethical decision making should preferably become a default mode so that one does not have to pause and grapple with larger issues every time a major decision has to be made. This needs the help of both nature and nurture because nobody is born a sinner or a saint.

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