A Values-Based Approach to Living- Part 5: Fire and Perseverance
Christopher D. Connors

Sometimes, when cruel destiny inflicts blow after blow and almost incapacitates us, it becomes very difficult to maintain equanimity.Many of us lose our enthusiasm for life and neglect our passions that give us joy and peace.The wheel of fortune never stands still. We must wait for the wheel to turn favourable, doing in the meanwhile, what we really like to do. “This too shall pass” should be the mantra when adversity strikes us.

Whether we like it or not, adversity teaches us lessons. For example, most of us are humbled by suffering. Nature knows that humility is a virtue that has to taught the tough way.Otherwise, most of us will never learn it. As Shakespeare said, ‘sweet are the uses of adversity”.

Perseverance is about knowing and accepting our bad times , not getting overwhelmed by them and seizing right opportunities when they come. There is no single perseverance strategy that will work for all people. Each one of us must devise our own plans based on our strengths and psychological and emotional make up. For example, a change of job or change of place could help some, but for some it could aggravate the suffering. The key to surviving misfortunes is to accept the fact that nothing is permanent in this world.