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The “eureka moment” is about serendipity, the” mission accomplished moment” is when we feel we have accomplished our goal after a long and arduous journey.For Archimedes and Newton, the sudden realization of an insight was pleasantly shocking. The sense of immense satisfaction that a Olympics gold medal winner feels is a culmination of a long process of effort, trial and experiment, failures, resilient re-attempts and finally success.

Failure is an orphan whereas success will have many claimants. There is nothing wrong in acknowledging help and inspiration from others.But we owe it to ourselves to accept that our own efforts have largely contributed to the success. Artists can steal from others, but it is their transformation of the ideas and themes borrowed from others that created the new work of art. Shakespeare “stole” most of his plots from other writers, but transformed them into masterpieces by embellishing them with his fertile imagination.

Role models are OK . But since there is no single silver bullet formula for success, we need to overcome our weaknesses and build on our strengths before trying to emulate others.This is the hardest part because self-awareness is something we all struggle with.

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