How to Cultivate an Effective Gratitude Habit
Mike Sturm

The human mind is so wired to negativity that we seldom count our blessings. Instead, we are always looking to complain and lament about what we do not have.

After this post, I suddenly realized that I am very fortunate to have 24-hours water supply while many parts in the city I live face water shortage. For me, this is something to be grateful for.

But I have a question. If we are to write a gratitude journal with specific instances to be grateful for, it surely helps to help the mind look positively at life.At the same time, is there not a danger of getting stuck in passivity, in a sense of resignation with what life offers us? How can we strike a balance between being consciously grateful for specific things on a daily basis and tackling negative people and bad experiences?

Anyway, from the point of view of our mental and physical health, it is better to be grateful than be angry and bitter.

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