Tweak Your Thinking to Inspire Success
Chris Herd

The human species considers itself superior to animals because it claims to possess three traits- consciousness, person hood and free will. Unfortunately, the history of modern civilization has been written in blood. None of these qualities has helped the human animal to think independently of conventional wisdom.Even animals do not kill unnecessarily.But millions of people have been killed by fellow humans on account of religious and political fanaticism.Material progress has been inversely proportional to moral progress.The delusional faith in progress helps humans to avoid the painful compulsion to self-introspect and question myths. Techno utopianism is the new fad.Technology is the new God.Withdrawing into the cocoons of technology is not going to usher in progress. Technology will only dehumanize and tear asunder trust and collective living.Political elites will be replaced by technological elites and monopolies. In the end human species will continue to be chained to new myths and ideologies.