You win. I give up.
Yann Girard

The ideal metaphor for an argument is not a battlefield where ideas clash with one another.An argument should be compared a beautiful garden which hosts different kinds of flowers- some are colourful, some are plain and bland, some others send out a rich aroma of pleasant smells, some are wild in appearance and so on.So arguments are about exploring different points of view just like exploring a beautiful garden. Every flower tells its own story, has its own appeal. The beholders like different flowers for different reasons.It is not about which flower is the best, or which one is most beautiful. It is the sheer abundance and diversity of flowers that should enthrall us. Let each person like his own flower.It does not matter in the end. Likewise, let us argue to explore, to experiment and to exhilarate.Let us not look for winners because winners take all leaving nothing for the losers. They also serve who participate in arguments, say what they have to say with dignity, step aside and let others say what they want.It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong.The sheer diversity of perspectives, its scale and depth, is the ultimate glory and the common reward that belongs to all..

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