The Real Danger of the Fake News Debate
Mike Sturm

There are dangers in appointing umpires and gatekeepers to detect and purge fake news. Who will supervise the umpires?

Google and Facebook can do whatever they want.Fake news can never be eliminated in the Internet.

By the way what is fake news? Is it about actuality, that is saying something happened that did not? Truth is not absolute, facts are. Sometimes, even facts are distorted statistics cherry picked from a maze of information. For the liberal media, immigrants can do no harm.All immigrants add value to the nation. But for Trump all immigrants are not alike.Some do jobs for a pittance and eat into the livelihoods of natives. Some are potential terrorists. Surely, this cannot be entirely false even if it is politically incorrect. For liberal media, this is falsehood, untruth. So essentially, the liberals view things through ideological prisms. Their notions of truth are black and white only, with no shades in between.

The neologism ‘post-truth’ is an insult to the common sense of the masses, if I may say so. Let us not appoint custodians of truth who exist only in totalitarian countries. It will lead to unintended censorship of news. Let the people think for themselves. Things will improve if the mainstream media cares to embrace a sense of balance in its reporting. they lost credibility only because they were blatantly partisan. That is why people were pushed into the arms of propagandists.